Salga/ UNDP covid- 19 support programme was conducted in the ILM on the 13 April 2021 at the Lambert Park hall. The target group in this regard were local informal traders.

SALGA cited that they were able to source funding from the Japannese Government through UNDP( United Nations Development Programme) with the aim of helping the informal traders to sustain their businesses.

Working closely with Salga, the UNDP had identified OLM and ILM under uthukela district as the focal points in this district.

400 benefeciaries in the whole KZN of which 80 % are women had been identified. 20 beneficiaries under iNkosi labgalibalele were given vouchers that would assist them with the purchase of their stock.
Cllr PG strydom( the honourable speaker of the UTDM) spoke under the banner of a salga representative.

She then hinted on the Human rights month as it reminds us of the freedom gained after 1994 making South Africa a democratic country. Since then that Government committed itself to take care of its citizens. Freedom meant that we need to look at the things we should do to contribute to the economic development of the country. Informal traders are at the centre of local economic development.

Covid- 19 has caused an unprecedented drop in the economy and the informal traders were the hardest hit. It also is still a challenge to revamp the conditions back to normal, causing informal traders to live under what have been termed as the new normal.

This initiative is here to add on what is remining with the traders since the fund cannot cover all the lost revenue incured during the lockdown period . She alluded to the fact that Vouchers will be given to 20 beneficiaries this time.

Each identified Informal trader received vouchers to the value of R3000. The receipients were jubilent to have been given such valuables. Cllr PG Strydom further congratulated all the benefeciaries and thanked UNDP for such a valuable gesture.

Makhosonke Ntshaba (Chair for the Informal Traders Association) vigourusly led the house chanting slogans and a singalong from women filled the house. He rendered his vote of thanks to UNDP and salga for such a good initiative. He further urged SALGA to continue identifying some more informal traders who will benefit in the near future since the local economy’s back borne depends on them.

Issued by : INkosi Langalibalele LM
Communication Unit